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Moving on and ahead

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Moving on...

You said, you won't,

But then you did,

Oh my lord,

How could you cheat?

You cheated upon me

by weaving lies,

Cuz you knew this well,

That I wasn't a spy!

It was going on beautifully,

Like a fairy tale..

And suddenly things shattered,

And turned all pale.

I tried to console,

By saying myself

That it wasn't you,

But the destiny itself.

I trusted you,

You broke it all.

And everything was finished,

Once for all..

You made me feel

Like it never existed,

Was it always this,

Or you changed for an instance?

Although now I am fine,

Not feeling mad,

Cuz "it all goes on"..

Have understood the fact.

As all my logics,

Are now back,

I don't know, how

Once they lacked?

So yeah, neither I am angry,

Nor I am sad,

Just feeling bad,

Cuz YOU TOO LOST what you had!!

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