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Moving on With a Wonderful Life

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Next To The Last Day Of June

The weather looks good

Life is promising

Changes are happening

A whole new beginning

Friends are supportive and by your side

I hear those beautiful words one more time

Florida here I come

We all live in so many different places around the world

I believe wherever our heart is

We call it home

Some people live their whole lives in one place and never move

Other people move every few years

Then there are some people

That move once or twice in their life

I am that type of person

One move is enough for me

All the packing and unpacking

Finding a new job

Making new friends

Through it all

We get the life we so desire

We accept change as a way of life

Our happiness is the most important

So to Gypsy Rose Lee and her adorable cat Sid

Wishing you a safe trip

Fantastic is one way to describe your journey

When you get settled and have a little free time

I am sure all your hubbers want to know

How is it going ?

What is your new place like ?

Where are you working now ?

So here is to wonderful new memories and exciting great times

Here a few fun facts about Florida

Florida's state motto is In God We Trust

Florida's state bird is northern Mocking bird

Florida is known for their oranges and grapefruit

Eighty percent of Americas citrus is grown there

In time you will have to tell us so much more

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