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To The Person Having a Difficult Time Moving On

JB is an hopeless romantic who has been writing poetry and essays since childhood. She wants to travel the world more than anything.


Cry it all out. Let the tears flow freely.

Cry until your eyes go all red and puffy.

Cry yourself to sleep if you have to.

When you wake up and still feel like crying, let go and cry again.

Look at all his pictures, all the stuff he gave you, reminisce all your memories together.

Cry. And cry. And cry.

Cry. It. All. Out.

Cry until it no longer pains you to remember him.

Cry until you no longer have tears left to cry.

Cry until you start to hate him for making you miserable.

Cry until you cry him all out from your heart.


Stand up and prepare to fight. Allow yourself to hope. Wait it out.

Sometimes, when what you feel is so strong and so pure, just easily letting go without a fight is more painful than trying harder and fighting.

I believe that for a broken-hearted person to truly be able to move on, one must not have any regrets. When what you feel is true, pure, selfless love, you don't want to wake up one day asking yourself why you didn't try to fight. You don't want to wake up one day with so much "maybe's" and "what if's".

To truly move on, you should be able to tell yourself that you did your best. You tried. You waited. You fought hard. You hoped.

To truly accept that something is not really meant to be yours, you should have done everything you've got to try and have it. Because when all doesn't work, then yes, it really isn't meant to be yours.

So fight.



Do not give up easily.

And when after you've done everything and still nothing, then you know you're ready. At the end of all the hoping and fighting, you will finally find the strength to let go and move forward.


As you finally start to slowly let go, you may feel like you are dying inside. Like a part of you has died. But you've got to continue living.

It might seem too difficult and painful to continue living without someone, without him, but YOU DESERVE TO LIVE.

Life, your life, does not end with you being heart-broken. Your life is not yet over. Just because he left you doesn't mean that you are not worth having. Just because he didn't see your worth doesn't mean that you are not worthy.

It might seem dark right now, but it won't always stay that way.

Continue to live your life.

Your story is not yet over. Believe that your story will not end with you being hurt.

Write a new story. Strive for your own happy ending.

Make new memories.

Live happier.

Laugh harder.

Stand taller.

No pain is greater than you.

Love Again.

You have a big heart.

That is why you are hurt over the pain of him leaving. Because you loved him. And you know that you loved him with everything that you've got.

You have so much love to give and it would be a waste not to share it with someone.

Love again. There is someone who will fill that void and would happily accept all the love that you could possibly give.

Never be afraid to love again.

Nothing is sweeter than the feeling of being in love again.

Love, true love, will always heal you.

© 2019 JB Sevillo

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