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Moving On And Up And Out

See How Far We Have Come

This is only the beginning

Our life is full of surprises

If we only could see them as they happen

There are so many good parts that make up our day

The bad times will come and go

If we don't let them take root

They will be nothing more than a bad thought that lingers

People get bored from the same old routine

I don't understand what is wrong with one more pleasant day

You can give me all the days you don't want

It's like they are begging for something to happen bad

I continue doing what I love

Waking up with the birds

They get me in a great mood

Then no matter what it is

Playing with our cat Charlotte

Mowing the grass for the fifth time this year

Watering the plants that haven't flowered

Enjoying the ones that have

Going to work

To earn another days pay

Spending time with my wife

While doing grocery shopping

Burning hot dogs on the grille

I forgot about them

When I was trying to multitask

Shaving so I look nice for my honey

Every day may be a twist of what I did before

Like Twizzlers I can have one

i won't stop you if you want to give more

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