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Moving On- a Poem

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Move on? Easier said than done. Especially when you've invested your time and emotions. You keep tell yourself you can fix it...but can you?

Time and time again, you made me feel insignificant.

Claiming you loved me while dismissing me like an ant.

I wondered if I was the problem,

Thinking that my love wasn’t enough for you made me solemn.

Exhausted, my love tank is drained from all the chasing.

Running on fumes, this is consuming.

The pushing and pulling is tedious.

If this is love, then it’s hideous.

Open eyed and blind,

It took me a while to realize what I had denied.

The one I thought I loved was a fantasy.

A figment that I wanted to unsee.

Hurt and determined to flee,

To live like a bird set free.

Yet, your voice still makes my heart sing.

I am a puppet on a string.

© 2021 Yvonne

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