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Movie Picture

The picture was a movie of my life
I’ve changed everything about myself
Steady to my minds guidance
And my hearts touch
I would go back if I could
Like a hand extended by a beautiful girl
The instant our fingers parted
The years reminded of our last touch

We pass the rocks on one way rapids
At times out of control
Others thrilled by the beauty of it all
How much have I grown
Take a look at how true it may be
I’m not a virtuoso but I can play the notes
I only hope you can hear them
Do you recognize the boy trying to be a man?

I can’t say that it’s over
When I saw us together it started again
So many times have I longed
It’s not right to move on so easily
But I want you to walk with me now
Someone told me I was the lucky one
That I had a guardian angel
It was the memory of you all along

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