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Moved Ahead


I have moved ahead
But I know that
I have left behind
the pieces of my
And those pieces
make me look back
I keep looking back
I met many people
they gave me experiences
and memories
It is always difficult to carry
all of them
when you want to move ahead
You can't drag much burden
while traveling
So willingly or unwillingly

you have to leave them
But at one point of time
you can't go further
you keep on thinking about
all which you have left behind
Because you have not forgotten them
you were just unable to carry them
along with you
I have reached that point
I want to go back
I want to collect
all those pieces
Without them
I feel incomplete
I want to gather all
those experiences
and memories
Because only

they can fill
the void in my heart
I keep talking about
my past
I keep narrating stories
of my childhood to people
around me
But now I have decided
that I will go back to that
path which I have travelled
And I will find out
the missing parts of
my being
I am sure they are also
waiting for me
And hoping that
I will take them
back with me.

© 2020 thoughtsprocess