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Move into Fall

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Lived in the summer haze

Making memories in the sweltering blaze.

Learning to love my new home

Adapting to the change of being away.

The summer heat soon subsided,

And the chill of the wind starts to bite at our sides.

Walking around the faded leaves,

Falling more in love with the.

The leaves have almost all fallen.

The sun rises and warms the cold day.

The world deforest from the nights sleep,

And you can feel the fall turning into winter deep.

You’ve showed me your world.

We’ve made memories through our travels.

Learning to live besides you has been the greatest journey by far.

I’m excited for this chapter of us.

Learning to love the new home of mine, of ours.

Ecstatic to grow with you.

But most excited for my first snow white winter,

And my first winter living with you.


© 2019 Ashley