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Moustache Doesn't Make a Man: A Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


I stuck with a moustache know Magnum P.I.

-- Steven Adams

Moustache doesn't make man

and nor does an absence of it

so to win yourself admiring fan

you've got to have the true grit.

Huge moustache or thin

bushy one or hardly seen

with a goatee or smooth chin

none of that will make you win.

It may even look funny on some faces

when it somehow happens not to suit

with hairs not growing at some places

though, funny or not, it may look cute.

Those baldies often try to compensate

seeing above lip what they miss on top

that doesn't make their manliness great

even if they tried to make it big like mop.

It's charisma and strong vibes

not that advertised hairy face

and that is all that describes

some manly man of any race.

There are those who try to hide

their true nature soft and tame

masking their vulnerable side

out of pride, or out of shame.

Somewhere religious rules may dictate

distinction from the "weaker" gender

while secretly evoking their hate

for not being nice and tender.

But then again, moustache could mean

merely a decoration on man's face

although it should never be seen

as replacement for manliness.

© 2022 Val Karas