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I shed cascades of tears

When losing sight

- Of ornate, white dress,

Pouring veil, before the altar.

Burning heart - like smoking incense.

How I ache when hands let go,

When eyes avert, beloved sprite,

Pulchritudinous, soft, nymphet.

Thine lips art 'nebriating nectar,

Eyes - immolating charcoals,

Amble - gracious, mesmerizing;

More than that of soaring fowl.

In thine radiating visage,

I bask and find my youthful strength.

Thither, orbs encapsulated

- Windows to unsullied soul.

My flame, my bride, my paradise,

Ebony enchantress -

More charming than Circe,

Cunning than Delilah,

How I bleed for thee.

The tunnel to thine love is narrow,

Will thou open up to me?

I'd move mountains just for thee,

And wage war on every man.

If it meant thou shalt be mine,

And never other men's again.

How I love thee, morning glory,

How I love thee, onyx stone,

I decreed I'd gift my heart

To thee, and thee alone.

My enthralling, dazzling siren,

My sweet angel in disguise,

Thine departure would be torture

And surely my demise.