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Mother's Pain Line

Sulean Joshua pka son of Grace is a student of federal university oye ekiti from the department of doctor of pharmacy 100level

Mother's pain

In pain and agony she brought out her fruit
For the pain she bore there's no sin or guilt
Oh great mother
How great art thou for the courage you've built

Great pain she felt when I bit her nipple
coloured as the blood dispersed in pool
Oh great mother
Sure thou shall reap the fruit of thy labour in full

So much finances spent when I was brought forth
The hard times,all I crave with passion she bought
Oh great mother
The bond we share will never perish nor get rot

What shall be said of me if her pride is not shown?
What will others say of her odd hours pain?
Oh great mother
Never shall the pain thou faced for me be in vain

© 2021 Son of Grace

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