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Mother's Woes and Subdued Revelation - Poems for Brenda's Week 31 Prompt 'Secrets'

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.

Biggest Secrets

Biggest Secrets

About the Poems

Brenda Arledge's Week 31 prompt was 'secrets' and here is my response.

The first poem is about climate change and how it's not so much a secret anymore. But sadly, no one seems to care, from the authorities to the common people.

The second poem is about a long-term relationship or a marriage that failed because both of them carried secrets in their hearts. One day one of the two broke the bubble and revealed their secrets. But the relationship could not be saved because the other person chose to cling to their own secrets.

Mother's Woes

Inundated banks

Softened by a mother’s tears

Ice-cold at first

Biting, ravaging

And then revealing

The secrets that men wouldn’t hear

Incandescent leaves

Fresh from the night’s shower

Yet the glow

Is that of a burn

Withholding the secret

Of a star that forever gets warmer

Creamy, sheepish oyster

Glancing midway from its slumber

A tableful

Of knowledge

Slams the hammer

Its secrets drowning in murky water

A faded rainbow

Oh! Was there a red in the end?

Mixed sunset

Sour rains

And the violet

Loses the orange glow, another friend

A world was ours

A planet theirs

The secret was to live together

In harmony, in peace

Paying homage to our dear mother

But now

The secret has died

With our souls

And there’s naught but dust forever

Hidden Book of Secrets

Hidden Book of Secrets

Subdued Revelation

It came in the mail today

Your ‘goodbye’ letter

You emphasized

Rather petulantly

How life hasn’t been better

Your hand caressed each word

I could feel the pain

As you revealed

Your darkest secrets

About not being whole again

We were the ideal love

That’s what we thought

Until the day

The glass shattered

Naked lay our souls’ rot

Your secrets you couldn’t share

And I couldn’t mine

On we went


Forever, like stars, we’d shine

Brand new covers

Couldn’t hide

The moth-eaten pages

Of the book

That we chose to abide

And now I have your letter

All your secrets laid bare

But the scattered pieces

Don’t blend

If only I could too, share!

© 2021 Rinita Sen

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