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What's the essence of Mother's Love

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We all are living in a fast-paced world,

Everyone is in search of peace and happiness,

Even everyone is struggling so hard,

But after continuous restless efforts,

Successfully I realized that,

What I have been looking for is much closer than expected,

Eventually, I came to know the real richness of Love,

Sincere prayers enlighten my way round the clock,

Every new day brings miracles for me,

An extremely lovable feeling of a tight hug,

That adorable smile makes me cheerful,

A tremendous feeling of remembering her warm-hearted lap,

The personality full of patience, endless love, and care,

Always there for me in whatever hurdles life brings into a picture,

The multitudinous boundaries of sacrifices and forgiveness for others,

The thought of living without her takes me into gloomy darkness,

Yes…She is the only one in this world...My MOTHER..!! My Ideal.

Nothing is precious than Mother’s Love.

Mother…I am nothing without you.

Yes...You have guided me in every single step of my life,

You are my world...!!

God Bless U Always….!!!

Sara Shahid.

Civil Engineer.

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