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Mother's Cooking Secrets - A Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

The Background Story

Brenda Arledge, a talented poetess, author and a dear friend, every week gives us a new word prompt without fail. It really helps our creativity. I appreciate her hard work and time she takes to write word prompt article every week including a new word prompt and performance of the fellow hubbers on last word prompt. I wait for and enjoy reading her new word prompt article. She even gives feedback individually to every hubber participating in the word prompt challenge. Gratitude! Dear Brenda.

This week she has come up with an interesting new word prompt, “Secrets”. I have written a poem inspired by this word prompt. I thought I won’t be able to write anything on this word prompt. My page was blank. While I was cooking, my muse came up with an idea and one evening I started my writing based on that idea. I have written a narrative poem and two acrostic poems. Here’s the run down. Hope Brenda and my hubber friends like it. After reading my poem, maybe you miss something and someone every dear to you. Of course, your Mom and her yummy food and even someone else who cooked good food for you. If you miss, Share it with me in the comments. I will be pleased to know.

Mother's Cooking Secrets

I cooked the same curry,

You used to cook for us in hurry.

I fried the onions sliced thinly,

Then sautéed spices keenly.

I added tomatoes chopped finely,

Then splashed some water timely.

I stir fried the chicken washed very nicely,

Covered and cooked wisely.

I garnished it with coriander leaves lastly,

Then tasted it excitedly.

It turned neither spicier nor less salty,

But not satisfyingly tasty.

Not that your alike taste, I missed.

I replicated your recipe untwist.

But I don’t know why it doesn’t taste same,

Mom, What’s your secret ingredient on flame?

I reminisce the aroma of your food.

When you cook, it spreads in whole house like barbecued.

What magic is in your hands?

How do you always make so delicious food in long stands?

Surely, you stir in unconditional love generously,

You pour in each ingredient gingerly,

You sauté everything carefully,

You bake heartily.

Oh Mom, I am craving for your cooked food.

Tell me the secret ingredient you used.

Much Love and care you shower on us,

More than that you pour in, I trust.


Acrostic Poem 1

Secrets I won’t say to anyone

Enfold in my heart

Carrying on in life

Remembered sometime

Engulfed it for forever

Tied securely

Secrets I buried, won’t reveal

Islamic Teachings About Secrets


Acrostic Poem 2

Secrets of yours only you can guard.

Enfold in your heart, only He knows.

Cover if you know other’s secrets.

Else yours will be exposed one day.

Runs away widely once spoken.

Enough He is to know you.

The day of judgement is not far.

Secrets of yours will no longer be hidden.

© 2021 Rozlin

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