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Mothers: A Most Prestigious Gift of God's Love. Sunday's Inspiration 4

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

“How sweet is the breath of mother’s Love;

How illumining is the sacrifice of her Heart’s psychic-tears.” –Manatita


I will say it now, while my tears are still wet but sweet and I can hear the cries of the soul of mother’s Love. A mother’s Love is matchless, enduring, and full of ‘sweet-weeping’ sacrifice, fortitude and an indomitable will for duty and concern.

This is equally so for single mothers and perhaps, just perhaps, they sometimes have a lot more to endure. The pain of separation from their loved ones; the agony of isolation, loneliness and insecurity, the travails of not knowing where the next meal is going to come from, or who will put the bread on the table. Believe me, some have seen it all!

Some mothers make uncomfortable sacrifices … they feel the pain, the guilt, the shame, even while being unflinching in the cause of duty and devotion, to the upkeep and upbringing of their near and loved ones.

I have written much on the innate qualities of mothers: Their joy, delight, sweetness and charm … their indomitable will and soulfulness, as well as their pain, their labours … their fears.


Mothers are so much like the wonders of God’s nature! The sun shines on the rich and poor alike, offering its nourishment to all; the opalescent moon dances in the heavens with twinkling stars, ensuring we feel its charm and elegance, to elevate our Spirit. The tree, when it is laden, bends over, like a majestic canopy of humility, offering its fruits to all.

So too, the mother offers … silently, bearing the bruises of our iniquities without malice or complaints, a dauntless and diligent soldier, in the cause of service, selflessness, soulfulness and concern.

Sweet mother divine, all praise … all glory to the Potter who carved and molded you, into a magnificently lustrous and beautiful vase, offering your delightful aroma, to the glory of God in adversity, as well as Delight. Victory to the plenitude of thy Love Divine.

Her name is Jewel and she was my Dearest Jewel of a mum.

Her name is Jewel and she was my Dearest Jewel of a mum.

An eleven syllable Sonnet

They toil and suffer, our lives to make better,

Like the sun and the moon, they always worship.

Pay homage to filth, or joys and endeavour,

When our lives are improper, their love runs deep.

Their sweet sacrifice offers, its fragrance-rose,

The wafts of their selflessness, comes from God's Light.

A heart filled with beauty, its service exposed,

The joy of their dear ones, their only delight.

Hear you, O my children, when mothers express,

Their heart's soulful tears--your many afflictions.

Their sorrowful soul, struggles hard to redress,

The toil that you bear; your many distractions.

Their devotion's will; rainbow-heart-tears-concern,

They offer their children, what's second to none.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 12th May 2018.

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~



Wisdom of Sri Chinmoy

"The Mother Divine is the Divine in its feminine aspect. Very often we say that it is easier to please our mother than our father in the physical world. This truth is also applicable in the spiritual world. True, the Mother and the Father do everything in consultation with each other. But it is easier for an aspirant to please the Mother Divine or an aspect of the Mother Divine than to please Purusha, the masculine aspect of the Lord Supreme." -Sri Chinmoy

The Poetry of Sri Chinmoy

O Mother of Compassion,
I am Your sweet infant child,
Like Jesus looking far into the skies
From the lap of Mary.
You love me infinitely more
Than anybody else.
Friends and neighbours wonder
At your loving preference.
I call You Mother,
You call me darling.
I give You a sweet little smile
And kiss Your Feet again and again.

Excerpt from ‘Supreme, Teach me how to surrender’ by Sri Chinmoy, 1975

Mothers Love

© 2018 manatita44

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