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Short Mother Poems


A mother's love is something no words can truly capture. Our first moments of life depend heavily on our mothers as well as our fathers but I wanted to focus specifically on moms and the impact they leave on their children.

These great poems can inspire you on Mother's Day or bring a fond memory back into your mind. Whether you're an expecting mom or someone that recently lost your mother: My collection can help you cope.

Today, I have written some poetry dedicated to a mother and child bond. These poems range in tone and topic. Here are some great mother poems.

It Was You

It was you that

guided my first


and never left my


You were there

For me

whenever I called out your


It was you


Your Hands

Your hands taught me religion

and washed me clean

Your hands was a dwelling place

to be

The tears I cried

your hands dried

It is your hands now


that I miss the most

No One Like Mom

No one like mom

Her feet are rose petals

beautiful and unique

Her laughter like thunder

on a awesome day

No there is no one

like mom

The stories she recites

give heroes their due


Mom is a catalyst

A fortress in spring

No one can match her

She is my queen

Mom To Be

The excitement lingers in the air

days spent on specific food cravings

as her belly grows bigger

The first kick a

rewarding experience only a

mom to be can live

to tell

as she writes a new chapter

to her life

The gift of motherhood

Child Birth

No reception heard

From her hospital bed

The pain seem rote

As doctors try to calm her

Thunderous nerves

She push

She cries

A new born baby

The apple of her eyes

The guilt no more monotonous

A celebration of life

Wrapped up in a moment of relief


Emotional yet strong


Hopeless multi taskers

Forgiving and caring


A rock to lean on