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Motherly Love For Her Child

Dr Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant and in practice since 30 plus years. She is a single working mother. She writes articles and poems.

Mother And Child


Motherly Love For Her Child

Mother’s Love – describe Mother’s Love,

Mother’s Love for her child is


It lasts forever and ever.

In her womb she nurtures

Her child for eight and one

Nine months;

And bears the pain of child - birth.

A new life is born – new life,

From her own blood and sinews;

And she forgets the discomfort and pain

She bore of child – birth.

The child itself is a miracle,

Of God Almighty;

An Angel descended from,

The Heaven above.

May God shower His Love and Blessings,

On The Mother and child;

And fill up their life with Love,

Which will last them forever and ever.

Child is a boon for parents and society upon growing up;

It be obedient and God – fearing;

And by God's Grace will render good service to mankind,

And will be an asset to all God's Creations.


© 2020 Dr Kulsum Mehmood

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