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Mother's Womb


The softness of the heart

I hear,

Inside your womb,

- The miracle of life.

When we first held hands - paradise

Two arbors entwined - birch and ebony,

You own my heart forever.

I can't describe the honor

Or recount the joy,

That your winsome laughter brings to spirit.

Even in days of anguish and rage.

The empress of my dreams,

More beautiful, divine

Than all luminaries.

I love you when it's cold and dark

I love you when it's bright and warm,

I love you when the tables turn,

When you weep and mourn.

I love you when, endearingly sleepy,

You curl up in my arms,

The softness of your skin,

The perfume of your balms.

I love your velvet voice, so sweet,

Your comfort - healing, mild,

You complete my broken half,

Dear mother of my child.

I forthwith swear to you

My loyalty and strength,

My guardianship, protection,

Abundance of my wealth.

And in the darkest hour,

I will hold your hand,

Like unto the first time,

In spite of hurt and pain.

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