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When the World Turned

Olaoluwa is a pharmacy student of Federal university Oye ekiti, Nigeria. He is Strutting along life's road, striving,thriving and surviving

The lands have turned
No more do our grasses grow green
And the sky has changed colour

The boys are not growing into men
And daughters with no word to describe
Perhaps the gods do not stay on our side

Rain is falling as fire
Our crops have become stone
The rivers are now red as crimson

The earth is becoming flat
While the moon is getting hot
The sun have gotten hotter and is burning

The oceans are dried
Famine and drought has arrived
Where and who do we run to

Thirst and hunger is what we eat and drink
Our mothers no longer get pregnant
And the fathers have become weak

O mother nature, heed our cry for help

© 2021 Perfect gentleman

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