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My Mother in the Mirror

Jackie Lynnley shares emotional times in her life in hopes of touching someone with like thoughts or feelings, feelings from the heart.

How many of us see our parents in ourselves?

While we are young it is probably the last thing we want. We think we will never grow old or look anything like them. Yet, when it happens it just seems right and not too displeasing, does it? Of course we none want to age but not getting around that, who better to resemble than the ones we love so much?

So much they warn us about, has happened. We now even sound like them and even if we are somewhat shocked, we have to smile to ourselves!

This is about that and a poem at the end I hope you will enjoy!

My Mirror Image


My Mother in the Mirror - Looking Back at Me

One day we women speak and hear our mother's words. It stops us dead in our tracks and we are more than a little shocked. When did this happen? When did we start to become them?

We look in a mirror and catch a glimpse of our mother stare back at us. Hasn't it happened to us all, well, the daughters, anyway? (Perhaps men have the same experience of their fathers. In fact, my youngest brother is the image of our dad!)

Of course, genetics answer for why we begin to look like our mothers and more so as we age. Naturally too, that we speak as our mother in many cases as she was our role model.

Maybe this displeases some daughters, but to me, I do not mind at all. I am still often shocked though that it seemed to have happened before I realized it. But I find it a pleasant surprise and I will sometimes stop and inspect the changes, wondering just how far they will go. Will I one day see the aged lady my mother became before she passed?

I would not be at all surprised. I will not mind that at all.

I love you, Mom. more than I could ever put in words. I am so pleased I always let you see that love and never rebelled.

If We Could Put Time in a Bottle?


Do Men Marry Their Mothers?

Researchers in Finland, recruiting 70 men and women, compared the face of each person’s spouse to the participant’s opposite-sex parent. The results according to Urszula Marcinkowska, Ph.D., an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Turku: Although women’s husbands looked nothing like their fathers, the men pretty much ended up with women who “significantly” resembled their mothers.

There are very healthy reasons here, so it is nothing to worry about at all. After all, the mother is the first love of every little boy. Yet the same survey shows this is not true of females. They do not marry men who look like their fathers.

Well, this is what they say...whoever they are!

Look Like Your Mother

In a Looking Glass


Mother in The Mirror

Many times after my mother passed away

I thought I saw her here and there

of course it was never really her

Just a resemblance, when I saw clear

Knowing well I would not see her again

I could not stop looking more to see

Anyone allowing me to have a glimpse

Of a mother who meant so much to me

Even knowing no one could take her place

Spotting a resemblance so lifted my heart

I guess I was just not ready to say goodbye

I was not ready for us to be forever apart

Finally I began to see her less and less

I even stopped looking any at all for her

My futile search was over to see her face

I knew it was just never going to occur

Many years came and went after that

Accepting my mother to never again see

Then in my mirror I caught a glimpse

Ah, my mother was looking back at me

At first it was only slightly her that I saw

I had to take a second and then a third look

This was her at a somewhat younger age

But, yes, I saw her and I was really shook

My hair was slowly turning her color

Our faces now alike so very much

Shocking, looking everyday in my mirror

To see me becoming her, another touch

Now in full acceptance of my aging

I am not displeased to see my mother there

It is not the pleasure as to have her with me

Yet knowing she is there within me somewhere

I share so many things I loved about her

So I am very pleased to see her in my face

Everyday when looking into my own mirror

A reassuring memory that can never erase

© 2017 Jackie Lynnley