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Mother Dear - The Little Girl You Never Knew


I am proudly South African. I love reading especially poetry and still new to posting my poetry online.

Mother Dear - The little girl you never knew

The little girl you never knew.

From a broken home with a shattered heart

With a daddy who gave up on me from the start

My mommy raised me all on her own

To be brave, smart, loving and strong

For when life knocks me to my knees

I will rise again and keep moving on

She helped me build these castle walls

And said don’t weep for if they should crumble and fall

She wrapped her arms around my heart and soul

And whispered to me: "You will never be alone”

If David could defeat Goliath with just one stone

She knows I can fight this life on my own

Do not cry for what is right and what is wrong

Waste no tears or love on those who do not belong

Keep your heart pure and let your beauty shine

And if your heart should ever be broken,I will give you mine.


© 2019 JJ Nel

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