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Mother Nature: The Guardian of Parenting


Finding my inspiration through the voice of music and poetry. Being creative and finding ways in making life easier and smarter for others.


Bright is the sun
that reflects through
with opportunity,
shows us that mother nature
radiates the world
bringing out its best feature

In each grain of sand
that overflows
in this land
holds historical artifacts
from when life began

The tranquil flow of water
that brings therapeutic calm
holds a servitude of memory
and yes,
may sometimes faulter

Listen closer
as wiser is its message,
leading and keeping you
on the right path,
so follow this passage

The brisk wind blowing
through each strand of your hair,
whispers "never been" told
secrets and moral of stories
that's circling in the air

When darkness breaks through,
trying to cover with gloom
Just by parting her hands
brings out the moon

Mother nature
never holds back
to protect and nurture,
You may think its petty
But to her
she never entertains
any nitty gritty

Her anger is brought out
in the form of lightening
this not considered a norm,
automatically chasing the harm
with a frightening storm,

Out comes the rain
cooling and hydrating,
so not done in vain
the earth is now rejuvenating

Just as the strength
and power of Mother Nature
that never rests,
share the same of any parent
even if ever put to the test

© 2020 Mitara N


Mitara N (author) from South Africa on March 12, 2020:

Absolutely, the strength and protection of a parents love is unmeasurable, with Supernatural Will of going to any length to ensure the benefit our children's well-being.

Thank you for your valuable feedback

Kyler J Falk from California on March 11, 2020:

A very beautiful poem, and I will always seek to carry such great healing strength for my own child as mother nature does for us all.

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