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Mother Nature Is Crying.

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Mother Nature Is Crying

Mother nature cries for her skin that is so violently ripped from her body, and the hairs of trees that continue to get pushed down to build structural bodies.

She cries for her shores that continue to get replaced, and for the innocent ones, that might not have a place to be raised.

Mother nature cries when she sees the destruction of her shores, the massive pile-up of junk that litters her bed of oceans floors.

She cries for all her depleting arts, that are disappearing before they even got time to start.

Mother nature is crying for the soul she once had, that is being destroyed to get her gems that are being placed in all kinds of crafts.

The beautiful gold that is hers to hold is being ripped violently from her hand, and now adorn some individual's neck, ears, wrist, ankles, and hands.

She cries for her creations when their beauty cannot get time to be shown, because of deliberate destructive acts from the known and the unknown.

© 2019 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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