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Mother Moon

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Full Moon in Spring

Full Moon in Spring

It's funny how our feelings change from day to day.
I'll blame some of it on the change in weather.

Oh, I'd never blame the moon. The moon is always alluring and ever loving, ever so pleasing and ever so stunning. Ever so true and ever so clever, and ever so cunning, too. That much is for sure.

Come with me and we'll lay under the midnight moonlight. We'll watch her sprinkle moon dust on the flowers.

And on the 'morrow the honey bees will gather the dust and drink the dew.
Then all will be well looked after and we will worship our adoring lady luck who provides moonlight illumination during our curfew.

We will slumber in the glow of her passion and dream under her influence.

Our hearts will beat in tune with the ancient tides as they come in and go out.

Mushrooms will release their spores unto the whispering winds at just the right time.

Music will join in from a sky of persuasion and thunder will clap for you.

Reason is with the white knight who gallops his steed beneath the moonlight.

My feelings have changed since the coming of autumn.

They murmur of yesterday when time was on my side.

Soon enough I will know what tomorrow brings.

The commitment of the moon sends new energy orbiting the night for us to seize.

I will wait upon her. Her spirit is gracious. Her knowledge is wisdom.

She will caress us with her loving grace.

She loves with everlasting patience for all to embrace, to come home and feel welcome under her allure.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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