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Moth with Flame

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Ever observed Moth ?
Don’t know why
Leaving open sky
Comes within enclosed walls ?

Don’t know why
Leaving shining light of sun
Get’s entangled in
The lights of bulbs
It spreads it’s wings
And twitches wings ?

Don’t know why
Can’t give up attachment
Of the light of bulbs
Though doors are open
Still sits on net of doors...

Don’t know why it is afraid
And can’t get back towards open sky
In low ambiance of light of artificial bulbs.....

And in it’s attachment
The Moth stupidly dies
Inside enclosed walls
And outside
The open sky spreading it’s arms
Keeps calling it with Love

We too have spend our lives
Some what in same way till now
Leaving our open sky ( GOD )
Enclosed in walls of illusion

Leaving loving warmth of rays of sun ( BELOVED )
Enclosed in artificial light of illusion
Leaving the open door
Enmeshed in net of illusion
We keep dying again n again.

The ocean of love ( BELOVED )
Keeps calling out to us
And we keep dying of thirst

Let’s just for once try to quench
Our thirst in that OCEAN OF LOVE
Let’s just leave the artificial lite of illusion
And bath in rays of GOLDEN SUN ( BELOVED )

For once let’s just dare to
Step inside that open door ...
We have tried in vain outside
Now let’s try to discover inside
Not in fear but in love let’s spread our wings
And get merged in that OPEN SKY... for once...

Roohi ....

© 2018 Roohi

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