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Most Wanted; the Lifestyle!!

Most WANTED !!!


I’m sure Massaratti is a bucket list
And it’s brother Roll Royce was
telling you how it misses the touch of your warmth
I forgot to ask about their sister Venza!

The dreams that comes in form of a Benz
And the glitz and glamour of neck pieces
Patek never looked so good except on my wrist
Orientals used to be my everyday stop

Not until the very best plugs in Paris
And the fallen angels of Dubai
The mountains seems more
safe in Seychelles or maybe
a night in Santorini Greece
would be more safer

This famous lifestyle we all want
The paparazzi flashing cameras all over
my Fendi , Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana
A first class Emirate ticket whenever
White House of kings and Queens

A life of everything sophisticated
Wherewithal never running low
Cus we have been prepared for this
Even from our very birth!!!