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Morpheus' Maze

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I often had dreams of a certain man . The dream is always the same ; the scence , the place and his emotionless face .



He was walking on a corridor,
Of a common place I know.
"Follow me" he said.
And immediately I do so.
Then Suddenly, he stopped ,
In a room with wooden window.
"It's the same again." I said.
He turned with eyes of sorrow
I knew what was going on,
Cause I don't see his shadow

The sky turns dark,
And the rain starts falling.
In my bare hands,
I felt I was holding something.
I know what it was,
cause he approached to me smiling.
I opened it and then he asked,
How long have I been waiting.
"Every night " I said.
But he seemed to know nothing.

I heard a song outside,
A cold and blunt melody.
The song was about the blue sky,
And it's unfading memory.
I guess the heaven remembers us
And truly knows our story.
So this must be a replacement,
On how they felt sorry.
Or is this punishment from above,
That only occurs, on me only.

In the end of the corridor ,
Of the nameless place.
He was smiling at me,
With a marvelous gaze.
Even though its the same,
Like an infinite maze.
I'd want to meet him again,
By chance or by grace.
When I wake up in this dream,
I will remember that face.
So I could make a poem,
Of our glorious days.

© 2020 Byeol

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