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More Than Words: Reading Between the Subtext

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Finding the hidden meaning beneath the actions

A touch leading towards a step in the right direction

Or to the correct bedroom with the desired mate

Romance beyond mere Hollywood stereotypes

The misconceptions of what a legitimate relationship should be

Judging those participants who don't follow the unwritten rules

Age an illusion for those afraid to date outside their comfort zone

Taking a sledgehammer to all those cement laced bad habits

That sank past relationships faster than the Titanic hit the iceberg

Shoving the fear coals away from the overflowing furnace

Down below so that it won't explode from the intense heat

Confession supposedly good for the soul or decent sleep cycles

Not when those words sharper than the tiny Ginsu knives

All of those Iron Chefs keep in their personal arsenal

To scare away the competition from completing their signature dish

What happens when the declaration of truth leads to all out warfare

With the heart of your affection, the mind full of memories, and the body

When it hurts so bad that you're unable to face sunlight or crawl out of bed

Honesty making consistent sleep an impossible task and enough stress

To let a few shiny new gray hair streaks come out of the woodwork

Stomach downing more ant-acids and Hershey's chocolate than it can handle

Keeping the noise and the carnage from this private World War from public

Ignoring the nausea pangs of doubt and terror of disappointing everyone

Putting on a brave and brash happy face full of Revlon and Clinique war paint

Never let the other side know that they drew first blood

An inflated ego a terrible thing to throw napalm at in the morning

Pull out the industrial strength bandages and keep the fight going

Only let those closest know what lies beneath the armor

At your own peril, of course.

Time to get prepared for the ultimate battle.

Time to get prepared for the ultimate battle.