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More Phone Time Is Not Always a Good Thing

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Less Desire To Read

The great speed of the Internet

Brings results within seconds

You don't even have to type it in

You just tell it what you want

Then your answers are quickly answered

The more time I spent on my phone

The less and less desire I had to do anything else

The phone started closing in my world

When I normally read a book

Reading it slowly

Visualizing as I go

Bringing words off the paper

Into real live characters

Each describing in great detail

After using my phone more and more

The next time I picked up a book

Within minutes I get distracted

Fidgeting and impatent

My legs restless and tapping

I notice my mind wandering

Even if what I read was exciting

I find myself reading the same paragraph over and over

Then when I close my book

I let out a loud sigh of relief

Left with a feeling

I don't want to go back

Once tired

Now reaching for the cell phone

I can't slide my fingers fast enough

To see what I have missed

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