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More Long Lost Poetry

Brenda Thornlow is an author, animal advocate, & certified Reiki Master from NY. Her books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & iTunes.


This Life

This life is just a bubble and can burst most any time.

No matter how much gold you have or if your home is fine.

Life is something on can’t buy,

No, for it, man cannot pay.

It was given to man by God above and God can take it any day.

So why think we are important or hold our heads up high?

We have no reason to be proud, our days will soon pass by.

Things of this world are foolishness, here today and gone tomorrow.

They may bring joy for a short time then followed up by sorrow.

So gather the real treasures, set your mind on things above.

Perfect faith and perfect love.


Crazy Land

Have you ever been to Crazy Land down on the Looney Pike?

There are the oddest people there, you never saw the like.

For those who do the useful work are poor as poor can be, while those who are the idlers all live in luxury.

They raise so much in Crazy Land, of food and clothes and such, that those who raise them starve to death because they raise too much.

*** All poems were originally written by Minnie Louise Bumphrey of Kewanee, Illinois.***


There is Always Tomorrow

When I make mistakes and am grieving over what I did today,

I’m glad there is a tomorrow when these clouds will roll away.

When I say an unkind word to another or do something or something that I’m sorry for,

I wish for the tomorrow when this day will be no more.

© 2021 Brenda Thornlow

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