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Morbid Day

Negative Attitude

Warm summer breeze

Chirping birds in trees

A moment not my own

To a window sill I go

See sunlight as it sends

Its rays as it is meant

The vastness of the sky

Squirrels climbing high

A butterfly

Dancing prancing

Unyielding silent laughter

Gently floats a stop

At the window

By my side

I think about some days gone by

Plus more and more gone by

But this day

Is not my own

Tranquil as can be

This butterfly that's with me

Beauty, warmth and peace

The world it wants to please

I think I thought these thoughts

So I killed it.

No I did not seriously kill a butterfly but this story is symbolic of how my negative attitude affected another persons positive attitude and and caused that person to become angry, hurt and negative. I placed that person in a bad mood because I was not considerate enough to place my frame of mind out of her contact. Negativism begets negativism which leads to negative relationships.

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