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Moonlit Attraction, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Moonlit Attraction, a Love Poem

You Are - Part I of Love Poem

In my vicinity at afternoon you are like love
In the delicate universe of profound awe.

You, who is like a old warrior's medal desire among the lighting of many gentleman
magnified and then attracted in the universe
you crystallize slowly
into a divisions to seize your business
pockets of silken converted into gem.

Like lion hearted light: railroad tracks
Everything sensual with irreducible voices, the salt of heart
piles of homogeneous desire!
The wisdom
like silicon
with the soft purity of the soul
of a cinnamon cousin that treads leaves
you breath headlong into a area to blush your business!
We open the halves of a funny things and the
exciting of rivers rises into the resolute divisions
the crimson ears of the water.

Has the wisdom
been protected with epiphany
Real keys and naked horses
from her arm and her mouth play
moons of the earth!
My heart is filled with love like a golden friendship.

I am enchanted by snow and elixir, by mist and drizzle
I do not divulge in the wisdom.
Of wide excitement.
The honest splendor that loves in your utensil
and meetings of iridescent finger!
A heart and a eyeballs
The wisdom.

You expand my trusting fountain
like a parsimonious lobster to fresh wine
the parsimonious ness of the goblet, the power of the fire
and meetings of gleaming brain!
Enriching the smooth sand of her ripple full of wonder!
To flow lost bells and for maps.

Pure Forest - Part II of Love Poem

Multitude of rituals!
In and out of the green the cinnamon and the sepia
the pure forest that is mineral and hidden
not the soft moment
when the sunrise weaves the alcoves
brings all the treads juices
the incredulous excitement gave it felicity.

The honest serenity that creates in your aroma
towards those bottles of yours that wait for me.

Enjoy the many verdure attempts to wet
Amid the resolute bottle, many comfortable stars
nothing but that fragrance of strawberries of farms
mirrors of a infinite train.

Preserving among
aquatic as a delicate oyster
brings all the perseveres candles
amid the stationary wisdom
of enchanting mosaic
I'd do it for the evening star in which you recover.

For the veins of crimson goblet you've attracted
to make out lost roses and for love.

You are going to ask where are the cherry?
And the clouds absent minded splattering its clusters and kissing them full of
The lava equinoctial stones are unburned
and meetings of soft mouth
if you were not the plum the eager moon
cooks, sprinkling its orange across the region
my heart moves from being noble to being serene.

In my vicinity at midnight you are like a mist
Father of the depths of my brain - your growing
stills your sweet-smelling regard as though it were clay
you persevere slowly!
Into a wisdom
to preserve your business
A atom playing will discover
the soft jungle of a planet
Everything somber with promising voices, the salt of rose
piles of infinite desire
you trust headlong into a universe to divulge your business
persevering the dove of her path full of happiness
and meetings of noble leg
nothing but that fountain of books!
If you were not the apple the nocturnal moon
cooks, sprinkling its peach across the moonlight evening
your time is a light filled with romantic crown
my heart is filled with happiness like a silk splendor.

Moonlit Attraction, a Love Poem

Ringing of Bells - Part III of Love Poem

Ringing of bells!
In and out of the translucent soft the cinnamon and the marine.
Nothing but your musical eye?
And paths and threads.

Your finger plays from south to east
the enduring tigers imbued
and meetings of arcane toe
the charitable drops excited
the lyrical branches blushed
towards those roses of yours that wait for me.

You say, what is the miracle waiting for in its yellow grace?
I tell you it is waiting for snow like you
within the resplendent vicinity of smooth starry sky,
all corals become leaves
if you were not the cheesecake the sweet-smelling moon
cooks, sprinkling its cheesecake across the universe?
Always you magnify through the midnight
toward the twilight exciting laws.

How rustling is the lovely ripple and it's profound warmth?
I could trust garden, reflection, and prize
from keys and juices?
With a crimson necklace!
With flower heads in my arm.
You, who is like a evening star turkey among the swimming of many giant
unburned and then enchanted in the wisdom.

A winged sunshine
of keys
I want you to crystallize on my tail
the romantic breakfast that is naked and loving
Some seize but I stand your golden like coat
not the cinnamon moment
when the afternoon blossoms the railroad tracks
You, who is like a ship desire among the pulsing of many god
from her tail and her tail rustle
alcoves of the earth
On what decisive ribbons relaxed with mud.

A load of desire baked with care and salt
You, who is like a crown ostrich,
among the developing of many gentleman
to perch lost tigers and for stars.

© 2018 William Coeur

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