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Moonlight Diaries

I have dappled my ✋ in mixed art media and creative journalism

Moonlight diaries


Moonlight Diaries

I come before you shedding my skin
One layer at a time.
Loving the night is where I
Lose my mind
So many thoughts passing through
My Soul, so many future wondering
On where can I go

I enjoy the night scene
The glare of the Moon
It shines inside my window
It way past noon and waiting for
Dawn, love the twinkle in the sky
Always hate those last minute
Twilight Goodbyes

I begin to feel the morning breeze
Upon my face. sunlight gleams on the glass, it doesn't take that long before it passes
It heals the soul. It's purple, it's red
It's blue, my eyes are falling tired
And weary this I dread, my bed beside me, that's my native space,
Inside my head, I continue my daze

the sunlight has fallen and I
Kiss my darling moon

© 2018 Marian T Perkins

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