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Kissing Moonlight

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I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.


The moonlight shimmers across your skin

like waves of iridescent blue

eyes that sparkle lips that grin

changed by the shadowed hue

arms that linger for to long

touch and stroke your hair

humming of your favourite song

brings your lips to bear

fingers seem to trace the line

the curve around your hips

droplets of sweat begin to shine

with moisture around your lips.

Delicious delightful desirable
Amazing adorable awesome
cute cuddly curious
Attentive adventurous alluring
Beautiful baby doll breathtaking
Lovely luscious likable
Serene sweet sexy
Princess perfect pout
The sweetheart of my soul.

Eyes wide open begin to stare

as your look takes in the room

hands that touch and deftly share

while your voice begins to croon

heaving sighs restless turns

thrash inside our head

passionate kisses swiftly burns

as we tumble from your bed

trembling hands reach out for more

as we toss aside our concern

two beating hearts upon the floor

while our kisses continue to burn

unbridled warmth sparks a flame

that consumes our touching skin

convulsing movements no longer tame

as we finish then again begin

words not said mumbled true

escape with each thrusting gasp

eyes that say I love you

while our hands firmly clasp

silhouette's dancing on the wall

create a distorted scene

heaving bodies growing tall

when the shadows slowly lean

racing hearts begin to slow

as we separate our jumbled limbs

a cooling breeze begins to blow

as the moonlight slowly dims

panting breath gives way to a sigh

as our bodies struggle to rest

while your hand rests upon my thigh

and my head upon your breast

slumber begins to close our eyes

as our bodies ache with pleasure

feeling the heat as our body dries

wishing this moment could last forever

© 2018 Mark