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Moonlight Memories - A Poem

Juliet is a content writer who has a passion for writing poetry, she loves expressing her deepest thoughts through writing.


"Moonlight Memories"

In the silence of the night,

I sit by my window alone.

Rain gently pours outside,

Cold wind blows my hair.

Thoughts linger my mind.

Then I see you next to me,

Your hugs ease my agony.

I feel so safe in your arms.

You gently reach my hands,

And put on your shoulder

Then we dance together,

In the dim of the moonlight.

Your love so pure and unconditional,

Like I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

I wanted to dance with you forever,

Then you gently kiss my forehead.

Suddenly I feel the cold winds,

Rushing my skin in the cold night.

I'm still here sitting by my window,

Still alone, all by myself again.


© 2019 Juliet Acedera

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