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Moon, and other acrostic poems

Seafarer Mama/Karen is a poet. She reads her poetry to small groups of friends and to larger groups at open mics.




Over onyx



Dwelling on the island of

Remembrance, time is

Eternity, as I look to

A landscape full of dusky images

Marauding through my mind.


Pillow of pine,

Inhaling your fragrance is like flying to

Neverland, running among trees,

Eternally young.


Healthy, red and fleshy,

Each vessel in you is precious,

Aching to pump the lover's blood, as he

Rides through forests and glens.

The misty moors he flies over on his beast.

Acrostic Poems

Acrostic poems are fun to create. Each line of the poem begins with the letter of the poem's title word, and the first word of the line is capitalized. Part of the challenge of this form of poetry is finding the appropriate word beginning with a particular letter of the alphabet to begin the poem's next line. The best word will keep the poem flowing naturally, whether the style is lyrical or prose.

Subjects for Acrostic Poems

Acrostic poems are written on a variety of subjects, such as food, romance, art, nature, humor or a favorite activity. Sets of acrostic poems can have a theme, such as a season, a place to visit, a habitat, or a person's name.

Why do people write acrostic poems?

1. Pass time on a train or bus ride.

2. Can't resist writing poetry about what they see around them.

3. Tell a story.

4. Delight a child.

5. Enjoy the challenge of writing this type of poem.

5. Express appreciation or gratitude for another person.

7. Frame and give as a gift to a family member, friend or lover.

***Note to readers ~ Inspiration may touch you at any time, so be sure to carry a notebook and pen with you wherever you go!***

© 2009 Karen A Szklany

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