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Moon Landing and The Small Steps

Free falling is easy in the curve. Eventually, gravity, I'll meet you on the other side.

Vishnu dreams out the Universe

Vishnu dreams out the Universe


I knew so little then
I think now
Yet the whole world
and Exhalations of Lord Vishnu
Was revealed to me
In one acid trip.
The mind a kaleidoscope:
One twist, in one-second reality
Do we have a G~d center in our brain?
Or it is just a trip?
Is it a primordial lizard vestige
Leftover to remind us of the unexpected?
I think that 50 years ago
I watched the moon landing
Thinking it 'looks so fake'
I ask the same questions
I asked my parents
The small steps are taken
Nothing really learned
One day, I reached out too far and fell
Today it's easy free falling
Following the curves of Earth
Lord Vishnu makes exhalations
I'll meet myself on the other side
In this dream

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