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March Can Be So Moody

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.


March begins with the hope that winter will soon fade away.

Spring is on the horizon, we can feel it in the air and long for it.

A few days of warmer rays make an appearance.

Teasing us and trying to convince us that the air will stay mild.

Then like a jolt of transition - the brutal wind makes a return.

We retreat back to our cocoon of warmth - beaten down.

Upon gazing out the window, we are longing for the air to become gentle.

So we can feel the bright warmth on our faces, longing for golden rays.

But the journey is like a maze that confuses the mind, and numbs our mood.

March finally passes by, a wild ride of uncertainty to keep us off course.

The moods of March: Icy, breezy, warm - there certainly were many.

But Spring is about to bloom fully - hold steady.

© 2022 Nella DiCarlo

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