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Mood Clouds

I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety


They seem to understand me

And my mood

Last night it rained like their was no tomorrow

I was dripping wet as if i was never going to go dry again

My body was covered in rainwater

Except my face that beared sad tears falling from my eyes

As if the clouds understood my vulnerability


Staring at the morning sun with the clouds glistening by it's side

the rays emerging from it's sides

Was a picture that was saved in my mind's gallery

Something that gave me pure comfort

I always looked at the clouds when I was reminded of my mother

The varying shades of grey that looked pretty much like a dark horse

I wished to ride it as a child

They were my source of euphoria

The next morning I look at the rainbow

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