Monsters Rhymes

Updated on October 23, 2017

Monsters Inc


Once apart a time in the monster world.
There was monster scaring boys and girls.
Scaring but he is very loving.
One of the best in the monsters factory.
Harvesting many screams per day.
But if touched they are they are thrown away.
Because they believe. Children are toxic.
But this monster proves that it's a lie for the business.
Meanwhile, production is falling down.
A solution has yet to be found.
Chairman Waternoose is searching.
Then he remembers JAMES "SULLY".
But his rival RANDALL BOGGS.
Is looking forward to the job.
But one day Sulley discovers.
That Randall left uncovered.
Left uncovered a door on the scare floor.
While a child runs wild on the floor.
Sully tries to send her home.
Instead, he takes her home.
Visits his friend Mike Wazowski.
When he sees the child he's in a frenzy.
He settled down and they escape.
Before authorities come to take.
Take the child. They discover.
The child's not toxic so they uncover.
Uncover the child. Sulley gets attached.
While Mike is ready to give her back.
They smuggle her back in the factory.
Disguised her as a monster so no one could see.
But RANDALL discovers her.
& he tries kidnapping her.
He mistakenly takes Mike.
Straps him to a machine that feeds off fright
With that machine, he intends.
To bring monsters problems to an end.
That machine could be put to good use.
But finds that behind it all is Waternoose.

John Goodman
Billy Crystal
Steve Buscemi
James Coburn
Henry Waternoose

Monsters University

Back Home

A young Mike aspired.
Aspired to become a scarer.
When he grows up. That's what he does.
Became a master doing what he loved.
There, he first met Sulley.
Sulley came from a scaring family.
With Sulley, it was more natural.
Mike studied hard to grow.
As the semester is progressing.
Mike and Sulley try joining.
Try joining a fraternity.
But only Sulley is wanted in the family.
At the final exam, they start fighting.
That results in them failing.
Dean Abigail Hardscrabble.
Punishes them for their trouble.
Mike enters the university's scare games.
Hoping the dean sees and has a change.
Change if he wins.
Hoping she will let him back in.
But if he happens to lose.
He has to leave the school.
So Sulley helps him win.
But that's not enough to convince.
Mike breaks into the schools' door lab.
To the human world that leads to a camp.
But is unable to scare a cabin of kids.
So he runs off in the woods.
Meanwhile, the dean's alerted to the break-in.
She realizes what has happened.
She calls the authorities.
She deactivates the door while waiting.
Mike sees the only way to escape.
If he and Sulley generate.
Generate enough scream energy.
They start terrifying.
The results are overwhelming.
Causing the device to override.
They get over to the other side.

John Goodman
Billy Crystal
Helen Mirren
Dean HardScrabble

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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