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Monster RHYMES

I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry



Once apart a time in the my world.

I scared boys and girls.

Scaring but I was loving.

I was One of the best in factory.

We harvested many screams per day.

But if touched they are they are thrown away.

Our boss said Children are toxic.

But that’s proven a lie for the business.

Let me help you understand.

How this all began.

Production was falling down.

A solution had to be found.

Our boss was searching.

Then he remembers me.

But My rival Randall boggs.

Is looking forward his job.

His job to dethrone me.

He developed much envy in me.

But one day I discovered.

That he left uncovered.

Left uncovered a door.

A child ran wild on the floor.

I tried to send her home.

Instead, I took her home.

I visited my friend Mike.

He saw the child and was in fright.

He settled down and we escaped.

Before authorities came to take.

Like I did, Mike discovered.

The child's not a bother.

He and I get attached.

But we still want to give her back.

We smuggled her back in the factory.

We disguised her, so no one could see.

But Randall discovers her.

He tries kidnapping her.

Instead, he takes Mike.

To a machine that harbors fright.

With that machine, he intends.

To bring monsters problems to an end.

For it, there was a cost.

Behind it all was our boss.



We have proven that looks could be.

Deceptive. Now kids see.

That we all have a heart.

We are all just apart.

Apart of a company.

That scares for a living.

All of us aren't good.

But most are misunderstood.

I often reminisce.

On the days we first learned this.

I was at the university.

That is where we were taught to be.

The monsters we are today.

The truth was far away.

I was young and very aspired.

To become one historic scarer.

When I grew. I shifted.

I scared but had limits.

There, he first met sulley.

He came from a scaring family.

With him, it was more natural.

I studied hard to grow.

He befriend me on my journey.

We both tried joining.

A campus-wide fraternity.

But Sulley was the only.

The only one wanted.

I found out about it.

We auditioned to be apart.

Of program that helps us start.

A career in scaring.

But we both, end up failing.

Failing our final exam.

The dean ordered we’d have.

No place in the program.

But I had a master plan.

I entered the scare games.

So the dean sees the change.

Change when I'm victorious.

Then she may re-enlist us.

But if I happen to lose.

I have to leave the school.

Sulley just stood by me.

In fact, I chose to help me.

The competition we win.

But that's not enough to convince.

I break into the schools' door lab.

To the world that leads to a camp.

I was unable to scare kids.

The dean realized what happened.

She called the authorities.

& does this while waiting.

She deactivates the door.

So another, I searched for.

I saw there’s a way to escape.

If Sulley and I generate.

Generate enough scream energy.

When we try, we get overwhelming.

Overwhelming results.

A door opens up.

Because of a ovverride.

We get over to the other side.

Sadly, we lose.

Me and Sulley leave the school.

But the dean admits.

In the midst, she wished.

That we kept growing.

Into the scarers we were chasing.

We saw a help wanted sign.

& we both happily applied.

We were hired to be those monsters.

Me and Sulley just did it better.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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