Monotonous Mistress Sally: Stuck in Neutral

Updated on December 21, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Wondered when it would be time to stop analyzing

Every single collective yesterday moment

Before falling into the abyss of self doubt once again

Done way too many times to count before and after break-up

Thought relationship was going strong even when wasn't sure

If either one of us would make it through the work week

Too many varying transitions to count and maintain status quo

He was going backwards, while she was moving forwards

Couldn't sustain an equal partnership with only one running show

Sure, age and social standing had a lot to do with the failure

In the end, differing characters led to the demise of a failed ideal

Began as a familiar tale as old as time and then some

Girl meets a boy and falls in love with them

Boy returns feelings, eventually after months go by

Developed some serious cold feet when things got serious

When it time to invent in a future or a ring, he said no way

Packed up his stuff and headed for the physical hills

Into obscurity before throwing out some childish potshots

As he made his merry way to his car back to singlehood

Knew that those declarative statements were meant to hurt

Get under our heroine's skin after she called him out on his lies

And lack of follow through on any of the promises he made

Of course, none of them were in writing or could be verified

Through an audio recording or with witness statements

Just another case of he said she said; oldest story in book

Sounded like a broken record on repeated rotation

After someone paid off the DJ or highjacked the radio station

In order to get famous via the 1994 movie Airheads

Instead of repeatedly shouting from the rooftops her heartbreak

She buried her feelings deep into introspective writing and musings

Of a past that wasn't meant to be for obvious reasons and differences

True healing was a slow and painful process as the bandage ripped off

Getting much needed sun exposure to give wound some air

Letting it breathe instead of festering under thick dressing to protect

Your scars from the dangerous elements of feeling too much

Hard to fathom how a human speedbump could cause so much damage

Making our main character question their worth and their interesting nature

Repeating old stories multiple times and reliving glory days to appear relevant

Hip and happening to the younger generation instead of a millenial

On the outer banks of the terminology by only two years or so

Eager to find a new horizon to embrace and adventures to embark on

Need new stories to tell for posterity and to prove those naysayers wrong

Once and for all.

Time to go on an adventure.
Time to go on an adventure.


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