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I love poems and creative work especially fictional based content.


Someday, I want you to remember,

The days that came forth,

The fights we fought,

And the days we lost,

I want you to remember,

What it took to grow up,

The battles within,

And what build us to win.

When we become,

The woman set in mind,

I want her to remember,

This version of her,

The imperfect one,

The resilient one,

I want her,

To forgive us,

For youth,

Never taught us what time did.

A gift, life is,

The memories I crave to keep,

For the future holds her,

And the journey,

Is becoming,

In old age, shall I reminisce,

With youthful laughters,

And energy striken beings,

Looking up in hope,

At our tired but happy eyes,

© 2022 Matilda Mumbua

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