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Monday Fun Day

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What A good Way To Start The Week

Now if it could only be true

I think we have to make it happen

We have to think about what we want

Think and dream a little first

Plan accordingly

Then see how the day plays out

For me the world is filled with obstacles

I just have to find a way around them

The obstacles are considered to be bad by many people

I find them little stepping stones I have to cross

I use to love climbing on the large rocks at the end of the beach

My brother would climb a different way

We would wave and yell to each other

When five or six rocks separated us

Sometimes you would jump and hold on for dear life

You didn't want to fall and get hurt

You had to trust yourself

Your own feet would slide from underneath you

A few times I called to my brother for help

He would reach out his hand and bring me to safety

I remember sitting on the large rocks and looking around at the world

From my perspective all I can see is rocks

All different shapes and sizes

I wonder if anyone put them here ?

Was it nature trying to tell us something

Who do I ask ?

Would anyone know the answer ?

Who is responsible for the large rocks at the end of the beach ?

I just want to thank them

Here for everyone to enjoy

I don't think anyone owns them

The liability must be high

Today people would be afraid someone will sue someone

Nobody's property is within miles

At least till now there are no signs

Stay off the rocks

You might get hurt

I remember feeling the coldness under my butt

The sharp barnacles and sea weed on some

Looking for crabs at the bottom of the rocks

Wanting to stick my hand in the dark holes

Thinking there could be a treasure

Chickening out thinking something in there

Might bite me

Only finding bits of a crabs shell left

I guess it wasn't the best spot for crabs to go

I am glad I am not a crab

Then after when we got tired

We both had enough

It was time to go

I would take one last look

Trying to implant the picture in my mind


What a great time

I know at this very moment so many people in the world are doing so many extraordinary and exceptional things

Here I am playing on huge rocks

You may be noticed and honored for doing what you are doing

I hope that you may have as much fun doing what you do

As I do

Life should be Fun

Never under estimate the free things in life that bring out the most joy

No matter how old you are

You may have wrinkles upon wrinkles

Grey hair replaces your natural color blonde, brown, black or even red

Maybe no hair where it use to be

You can think through the eyes of a child

Even though you made it as adult some time ago