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Mom's Special Day

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Happy Mother's Day

If it wasn't for you

I wouldn't be here

This is one of the most important of all holidays

No doubt in my mind

With my mother, grandmother, God mother all in heaven

This gives me time to appreciate them even more

Why stop there

Wish a happy wish to all mothers everywhere

They deserve to be recognized and appreciated

Anyone can buy some flowers,candy and a card

But not everyone can draw them

My picture was going to be included

It didn't come out to good

A six year old can draw better

At least I tried

I am drawing another picture hopefully this one will be nicer

I am sure your family will be by soon

While you wait I thought I would tell you in my own words what a mother is

Someone who made my life possible

So you may not be president of the Untied States

You do so much more

Held me when I was sick

Picked me up when I fell and by the way that was often

Loved me unconditionally

Even when I was bad

I made my mistakes and thought I knew it all

You watched over me and gave me time to learn

No matter how much it hurt

Giving me a chance to grow

My list is endless

I am sure I never got to say

So many times the sound of your voice made my day

It's never too late

Because I like the sound of that

I never will forget all the hugs and kisses

Our secret talks

Always saying please and thank you

I want you to have so much fun

Remember I am who I am today

Because of you

I am a better person

Thank you for all your advice and support

Love and friendship

You are in my heart

Shining through like the sun after a rain storm

I will always miss you

All I have to do

Is look around and you are there

Love you mom

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