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Momma Strong

Each one of my poems and short stories are little pieces of my heart and soul. I don't like to share them but someone told me I should...

Momma Strong

Every moment I feel weak

I think of her courage

Every second I miss her presence

I think of her strength

She doesn’t realize how much

I completely adore her

How much I look up to her

She doesn’t see the light in her eyes

She doesn’t see that spark in mine

Because I see how far she has come

I see everything she is capable of

But she doesn’t know I feel her pain

I’ve walked in the imprint of her footsteps

Trailing behind her spiritual passion

With my heart full of admiration

Every time she hesitates

Or gets lost in uncertainty

Leaves me wondering in silence

It baffles me every time I notice

How much doubt surrounds

One of the strongest women I’ve ever known

I wonder if she caught me

Peeking behind the wall in awe

I wonder if she saw me

Shielding my eyes from her blinding light

I wonder if she noticed me

Attempting to imitate her bravery

She taught me so much more

Than she will ever understand

Promising to hold down the fort

While Momma Strong is away

My heart aches for that hug

I needed at the end of the day

For the comfort that comes with

That unconditional love

The care and concern in her voice

She always saw the hurt

I hid behind a smile or a laugh

That pain that I never let anyone see

She’s always there to tell me

What I need to hear with brutal honesty

She’s always there for me

Whenever I start to stray from the path

Long before I even realize it myself

Someday, I hope she realizes

How much she means to me

© 2021 Grace Peterson