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Moments of Enchantment

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


Come into my web, my lair.
I will protect you with loving care.
Surrender to yourself and find the light.
Surrender to me, it’s the nature of what's right.

The mystery deep within you has finally come home.
You've been riding a wave of bewilderment for far too long.
Your emptiness will be gone and your heart will be strong,
When you heal the wounds and sing a new song.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak


Laurie S Novak (author) from Michigan on August 20, 2020:

Thank you, Lorna and Ankita for taking the time to read and comment on my mind's wanderings. Peace.

Ankita B on August 20, 2020:

Beautiful poem.

Lorna Lamon on August 20, 2020:

This is a delightful poem full of love. The picture is amazing.

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