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Moments Of Love Shared In Silence, Ordinary At First Glance

Emee.chan isn't a love expert, but she appreciates those, to some, ordinary activities that couples do together.


Love doesn't have to be aggressive or loud in order to be recognized as such.

It can also be gentle and silent, sweet and tender.

Love never asks too much. A simple touch of a hand is more than enough.

Silent Love

Music plays softly in the background,
Without disturbing the otherwise
Peaceful atmosphere between
Two young people.

No awkward silence,
No tension in the air.
Just them being there,
Words weren't needed.

They found enjoyment
In each other's company.
Lying on the floor side by side,
Creating moments of their own.

Vinyl records strewn all over the room,
A box full of old pictures laying open.
Messy as it is, in that instance,
Tidying up was the least important thing.

No meetings or any other obligation
That required getting out of their
Cozy little shared living space,
Time was theirs and only theirs.

And they spent it together,
On a living room floor,
Their fingers gently touching,
Almost shyly.

Love isn't always big gestures
And loud declarations.
Sometimes it can be simply
People existing in silence.

Music softly playing, as you simply exist with the one you love.

Music softly playing, as you simply exist with the one you love.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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