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Moment- Heartbeat Of Time


Years passed by

Or we have passed through those years

Those years are still there

Where they were

We have come ahead

Just look back

And you can see

What you have passed through

The moment is heartbeat of time

It beats and time moves on

It never stops

The collection of drops makes an ocean

And the moments turn into a year

Years turn into a decade

When we lose a moment

We lose part of a decade

When we live in the moments

We add more value and meaning to life

When we travel back

We can find clearly

Lots of happy moments

Full of laughter and joy

Some sad moments

Filled with tears

And some loving moments

Which we want to cherish forever

There are so many things

Stored in our minds

When we recollect old memories

We feel all those emotions again

When we enter in a new year

We cannot get detached from the previous one

Most of the time either we regret our past

Or worry about the future

In between we lose our precious present

And gradually moments slip from our hands

And the present becomes our past so quickly

If we learn to grab the moments

Then we will have nothing to blame.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess