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Modern-Times Reflections

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

Blood and tears, blood and tears,

Sip from cups filled with your fears.

Cries and screams, cries and screams,

Nightmares born from lucid dreams.

Cut and smash, cut and smash,

Anger causing teeth to gnash.

Poke and prod, poke and prod,

Fruitless prayers to absent Gods.

Shriek and cry, shriek and cry,

Once alive but now they die.

Pierce and stab, pierce and stab,

With every word a horrid jab.

Burn and plunder, burn and plunder,

Billowing smoke we all stand under.

Hate and pain, hate and pain,

Barely room to call us sane.

Run and hide, run and hide,

Rear your head to critique and chide.

Rip and swear, rip and swear,

Cry for help that just isn’t there.

Who will stand, who will stand,

Strong upon their pillars of sand?

All will fall, all will fall,

When trumpets of war make their final call.